Welcome to Rossibooks. The world of fiction.




Books are books. A simple enough statement if somewhat obvious, but they have survived mini revolutions throughout the past decades by being just that. Prophesies abound about the demise of the printed word, yet here we are talking about them on one of the actual mediums that were going to banish them to the historical archives of museums and libraries.

The only difference is that books have had to adapt. Now we have to allow the book to come to ourselves instead of the usual conventional routes of outdoor shopping. It is the same with most products. We can no longer hide our head in the sand and pretend that technology will go away. It might pass us by (which would be our loss) thus rendering our words redundant to some, but in this modern world we need to change and engulf the new opportunities that are present.

This is why I have taken the path of electronic posting, allowing you all into my world of imagination, hoping that one of my books or short stories will appeal to your tastes. There is no middle agent or publisher, just you the reader and myself the author, hopefully passing on to you the joys of a good fictional story. 



One Response to Welcome to Rossibooks. The world of fiction.

  1. Hi Rossi!
    Loved your post. I am a book lover and have a book club blog.
    Can’t wait to read your next post = )

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